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First Sponge City Project design by SRG Landscape
SRT has provided the stormwater management design service since 2016, including the low impact landscape design in micro-scale and sponge city planning in macro-scale. The professional design team including the technical specialist from our green building team, and designers from our landscape team.

We finished a technical consultancy for the Chang Xin park sponge city design in Dongguan in 2016, and we are designing the other low-impact streetscape along the Changping avenue in Dongguan. The Changping avenue, located in the heart of Changping town in Dongguan, with a number of urban roads intersect, is the most prosperous, densely populated, and busiest downtown avenue.

We designed a 13-meter width streetscape in the middle of the avenue, which could not only to storage and manage the stormwater of the avenue, but also create a street park for various purposes, such as exercising, cycling, sitting, exhibiting, etc.