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“One Belt, One Road” Education Project in Shenzhen - Reconstruction of Shenzhen sixth-district Kindergarten
Sixth-district Kindergarten is one of the major school reconstruction projects of Shenzhen Government.

To build on the existing community-recognized merits of the sixth-district kindergarten, we have given the new kindergarten a design concept of “One Belt”, which will help to guide the children to broaden their knowledge and outlook, and “One Road” which will facilitate a structured exploration of knowledge for the children.

The target is to realize the ideal of combining “Five Kindergartens’ Merits in One” and to shorten the project realization period by construction standardization for cost and time savings. The brand new Sixth-district Kindergarten should be colorful, lively, and beloved by children.

Educational Environmental Design

Pediatric psychology and educational psychology research indicate that external environment poses great influence in promoting infants’ early personality development. Their cognition to the surrounding world in terms of feeling, perception, awareness, memory, imagination, thinking, language, etc. are developed through frequent contact with their surrounding environment. Therefore, special attention has been paid in designing such educational environment in the sixth-district kindergarten. We think it is necessary to provide a well designed educational environment to enable infants to gradually recognize the value of their existence in this world and promote personality development through a long-term edification in an immersive manner.

Outdoor space design such as planting gardens, outdoor exhibition gallery corridors, etc. enables infants to experience various educational activities through recognizable shapes and colors, in order to cultivate sentiments, willpower and personalities.