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Our planning schemes maximize land utilization but always in context with the geography, climate, culture and natural ecological environment of the locality.


We attach great importance and care to the human environment, and we are dedicated to the building of a comfortable, healthy and green environment for the users. Our projects have won numerous awards for innovative green design.


We provide integrated design solutions for optimized building environmental and energy performance, and consultation services for LEED, GBL, BREEAM, BEAM Plus & WELL certification.


Our vision and expertise in environmental sensitivity and inspiring green environment allow us to seamlessly integrate nature into urban design and breathe new life into the project community.
New Issue of SRT MAG is Published on Mar 2018

 In this issue, we would like to explore with our readers the full potential of green financing in achieving objectives for green building developments. With the onset of the new year, our green arm, GB Tech Consulting Ltd, will team up with relevant industry players to actively pursue various domains of green financing and green sustainable projects.

“One Belt, One Road” is a national top-level strategy, it brings new concept for international cooperation in twenty-first Century. In the last issue of SRT MAG 2017 NOV ISSUE, we shared with you our insights on the role and value of architecture and architects in a new era of world economics and development, and the mission we can take up in this great endeavour. And in this issue, ONE CORE SIX ELEMENTS is SRT’s response, duty and support for “One Belt, One Road”.

Moreover, we take a case study –Haikou Arcade renovation as an example of “Ecological Restoration and Urban Repair” to explore the green eco-community. And Look forward to the future of the sponge city strategy which helps to integarte nature back to the urban fabric. 



We believe in green lifestyle.
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