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We are the total solution provider.


Our planning schemes maximize land utilization but always in context with the geography, climate, culture and natural ecological environment of the locality.


We attach great importance and care to the human environment, and we are dedicated to the building of a comfortable, healthy and green environment for the users. Our projects have won numerous awards for innovative green design.


We provide integrated design solutions for optimized building environmental and energy performance, and consultation services for LEED, GBL, BREEAM, BEAM Plus & WELL certification.


Our vision and expertise in environmental sensitivity and inspiring green environment allow us to seamlessly integrate nature into urban design and breathe new life into the project community.
Macau First GBL 3Star Building Macau Science Center

The Macau Science Center embarked on green building upgrade in 2015, and successfully obtained China 3-star green building label in April, 2016.

As the green building consultant of Macau Science Center, GB Tech Consulting Ltd of SRT Design Group put forward integrated green building design strategies based on site investigation information  and measurements of outdoor noise level, indoor air quality, indoor lighting and fixtures performance, indoor Illumination quality and air conditioning equipment efficiency and operations. The proposal strategies were further supported by simulation on site wind environment, indoor daylight factor and energy consumption modeling, with the objective the following green innovative initiatives and to meet 3-star green building design requirements.

We believe in green lifestyle.
We place great importance on the carrying out of a thorough analytical research of all the determinants and variables at the beginning of the design process so that the solution is never forced, never biased, never unjustifiable and always environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

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